What is 21Classes?

21Classes is a product designed specifically for teachers, provided by 21Publish Inc. 21Publish provides products for the multi-user blogging and publishing needs of classrooms, businesses, communities, clubs, schools & universities, and non-profit organizations. A unique, 2-layer system makes it easy to customize and manage a multi-user blog system with an unlimited number of members.
There are two different types of product offered by 21Classes: Single Teacher Blogs and Classroom BlogPortals.

Single Teacher Blogs

Our Single Teacher Blogs offer complete blogging functionality for an individual teacher. Similar to any blogging service like WordPress or TypePad, teachers can run their personal blog and post stories and review comments. Using our classroom functionality, teachers can create accounts for their students to read and/or comment on those stories. With our comprehensive access control functionality, access to such an account can be completely restricted, so that only logged-in students can view the content. Also, students can be divided into multiple groups, where the teacher can allow specific groups to have read access to a particular story - to be defined on a per-story level. Finally, any comments made by students can be moderated.

Classroom BlogPortal

Our Classroom BlogPortal offer is a blogging community run and controlled by a teacher. The teacher sets up the homepage and specifies all default settings for student blogs as well as functionality available for them. Next, students can either register themselves or have their accounts created by the teacher. Each student then has a full-scale weblog within this community. Functionality for each student blog resembles blogging functionality offered by services such as WordPress or TypePad, yet within the boundaries defined by the teacher. Our comprehensive access control functionality allows the teacher to either limit access to logged-in students only, or to the outside world. Teachers can also define whether students can directly publish their stories, or whether they need to be approved first. When approval is required, teachers can review all stories and can decide to send feedback back to the student in case a story may not yet be published.

To learn more about 21Publish, please visit our homepage at www.21publish.com.

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