Benefits of a school-wide dedicated license

  • One School-wide Homepage

    This option allows subscribers to aggregate all individual classroom portals on one main web page. All individual classroom portals and student blogs can be accessed from one location.

  • Additional Customization Options

    21classes School System subscribers can customize the school-wide homepage, the individual classroom portals, and allow individual students to personalize their blogs.

  • More Flexibility in Defining Access Rights

    The 21classes School System allows for complete customization of user access privileges as well as comment and post moderation options. The entire school-wide installation can also be password-protected to ensure the privacy of all users and compliance with existing school or district privacy regulations.

  • More Web Space

    A dedicated installation of 21Classes can be configured to allow more than 25MB per student blog.

  • Automatic Classroom BlogPortal Creation - Optional

    This option allows your school to create Classroom BlogPortals for all teachers and their students automatically, so nobody needs to set up hundreds of accounts manually. Contact us for details on this option.

  • Ability to Customize Blog Administration Pages - Optional

    School-wide administrators can compose their own, school- or classroom-specific greetings and instructions for administration pages and individual blog dashboards.

  • Dedicated URL

    All 21Classes School System installations can be hosted on the domain of your choice or as a subdomain of the existing school URL.

  • Technical Support

    Our technical support team will respond to your concerns within 24 hours (except for weekends and public holidays). Whether it's a bug or a question about a new feature, our team will work hard to quickly resolve the issue.

  • One-on-One Teacher Support

    For no additional cost, we will connect you with an experienced 21Classes user who will share his or her expertise and experience to help you get the most out of 21Classes and to effectively engage your students and faculty.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) - Optional

    If your school already has an Intranet system that authenticates all students and staff, we can connect your local 21Classes installation to that system thus eliminating the need for additional usernames and passwords.

  • Installation Help

    No programming skills are required! When you sign up for the 21Classes School System solution, we will configure it to meet your needs or work with your school or district IT Department to ensure quick installation and your complete satisfaction.

Contact us for more details