Most important features for teachers/site admins.

Independent yet inter-connected accounts for students

Students will obtain a fully featured blog account. Through their user interface they can not only publish text or photos but also create categories or invite classmates as co-authors and much more.

Control of content and students' accounts

As a site admin you can choose from a variety of registration options for your students. If your students do not yet have e-mail addresses you may create their accounts manually and then tell them their login and password.

At any time you can log in into a student’s account to help him/her and, of course, you can delete or edit such accounts.

Control of student entries

Also, as a site admin you may choose to moderate every new entry posted by a student before it is being published. In case the entry is in any way inappropriate or you feel that the student should rewrite his/her entry, you may defer publication and inform the student.

Advanced privacy settings and spam protection

With just one click you can set all entries on your BlogPortal to be private, which means that only registered users can see the blog community’s content. Also, you can restrict commenting to registered users only. Alternatively, you can allow your students to decide for themselves if an entry should be private or public and if comments may be written by everyone or just registered users. Students may also moderate new comments on their own entries so they can learn how and why to protect themselves on the Internet.

Layout and themes

Site admins can choose from a variety of templates and customize them by uploading an individual header, changing colors and much more. If you are familiar with CSS you can even create your own templates.

Also, you can select a number of templates to be available for your students or create new templates for them.

Photos and videos

Students have the ability to upload images with their entries. Uploading images is easy and automatic image resizing prevents images from taking up too much webspace available for free Classroom BlogPortals.

Of course you and your students can also insert videos that have been previously uploaded on other video hosting services.

Student collaboration

21Classes has an extended rights management for authoring and reading rights. This means that you and your students will be able to create teamblogs within the blog community to which all registered users can post or you can even create closed reader groups to restrict entry visibility to certain group members.