Get your students blogging!

21Classes helps you to get the Internet into your classroom. With our comprehensive functionality and easy-to-use interface you can customize your account according to your needs. We cover the whole range from a completely protected environment where no outside visitor can access your account, up to an open one where your students can use common social networking features and all blogging functionality.

Teacher Blogs

21Classes offers two different products. Our Teacher Blog is essentially a personal blog run by a teacher, where students can only view stories posted by their teacher and potentially comment on them. All access restriction functionality is available to the teacher, yet students do not have their own blog accounts.

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Classroom BlogPortals

Our Classroom BlogPortal is an entire blogging community, run and controlled by the teacher. Here, all students have their own individual blog, where they can post stories, read other students' blogs, and comment on them. Teachers can post assignments, and all students can access a common classroom homepage, where the most recent student postings are displayed, plus any assignments posted by the teacher.

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School-wide License

With our School-Wide solution, your entire school can benefit from our 21Classes technology. In addition to allowing all teachers to create Classroom BlogPortals, there's a separate school-wide homepage aggregating content from all different classrooms. Furthermore, a combination of classrooms and individual teacher blogs is possible.
We also offer a Single-Sign-On option to integrate with your existing infrastructure, and allow for any customization you need.

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