Teacher Blog

Our Teacher Blog allows a teacher to set up a personal blog, where students can read and comment on stories posted by their teacher. Once the teacher has set up her Teacher Blog, she can set up the student accounts for commenting and reading. Our comprehensive group management allows the teacher to separate students into various groups, and make entries visible to only specific groups. On a per-entry level, the teacher can also decide whether comments are allowed or not.

21Classes offers an access rights management that allows the teacher to completely close down access for the public, so only students can access the blog. Within this setting, the teacher can still decide whether entries are visible to all students, or only selected groups.
If the blog is open to the public, spam protection allows the teacher to control spam within comments. We offer modules to connect to Akismet or Defensio, so you can choose your favorite anti-spam tool. Furthermore, comments can be moderated, so teachers always keep control over what content is published and what isn't.

The look of your Teacher Blog can reflect your own design and run under your own domain.

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Key features of Teacher Blogs

  • State-of-the-art blogging functionality
  • Central console to manage students accounts with control over accounts and comments
  • Upload images or insert videos
  • Control read access per entry
  • Selection of templates or your own CSS editing
  • Customizable headers
  • Hosted application — no installation, automatic updates, no hassle
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