Create a virtual classroom with blogs. Easy, Hosted, Secure.

Why 21Classes?

  • Advanced privacy settings and spam protection
  • Control of students' accounts and content
  • Comprehensive review capabilities
  • Independent yet inter-connected accounts for students
  • Customizable layout and themes
  • Integrate photos and videos
  • Supports student collaboration on different levels
  • SSL encryption on all pages enabled by default

21Classes provides state-of-the-art blogging technology plus classroom-specific functionality. Our product has been devised specifically with teachers and students in mind and is being used in more than 40,000 classrooms worldwide. Safety is a major concern, therefore we offer various different options how teachers can secure access to their website, including SSL-protected access to all our hosted ClassroomBlogPortals.

Getting started

  • 21Classes Classroom Blogs

    Get started instantly and at no cost by following these steps:

    • 1. Sign up for our 7 day trial
    • 2. Choose your classroom URL and finish the setup
    • 3. You're done!

    You can then customize your account and start inviting your students or create accounts for them. Also, there are lots of tutorials and helpful resources created by other teachers on the web.